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skoot ★ any pronouns ★ eng/esp ok!
hi! i'm skoot, i'm studying neuroscience at uni + whenever i have time,
i make art of the things i like :)
set up: wacom cintiq 13hd / paint tool sai 2
current interests: beastars / chainsaw man / milgram / welcome home
you must credit me if you repost or use my art as icon / header etc.
(but i'm on almost every site, so i'd rather you share my original post...)
DO NOT copy / trace / edit / sell my art

commissions: open!


last updated: Feb 11 2024

LockjawSketch FullbodyDONE
DamienSketch BustsDONE
DannyLined HalfbodyDONE
PixelLined HalfbodyDONE
LockjawLined SceneDONE
Neko GekoLined BustDONE
LockjawLined FullbodyDONE
ShinsetsuLined HalfbodiesDONE
Volty & RiverSketch SpreadDONE
ChaseLined Scene (L)DONE
LuckLined HalfbodyDONE
NearLined Halfbody+DONE
ChloeLined Halfbody+DONE

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styles & pricing

  • all commissions come with a free color background (except scene)

  • all commissions are in full color w/ shading

  • I may charge extra for complicated design / details / props

  • click on images for full size


  • sketch: £20

  • lined: £30

  • +character: +50%


  • sketch: £25

  • lined: £35

  • +character: +50%


  • sketch: £45

  • lined: £55

  • +character: +50%


  • base price sketch: £65

  • base price lined: £75

  • +character: +50%

* price depends on styles chosen:* bust / halfbody / fullbody / chibi* 2-4 styles per page* pricing examples here


  • sketch: £70-130

  • lined: £80-150

  • +character: +£35

* price changes depending on complexity of scene / pose etc** *partial payment available -
half upfront + half after sketch
* can be portrait or landscape* pricing examples here

sketch vs lined
- sketch: rough first pass
- lined: clean second pass over sketch

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spread pricing

Sketch Spread like this -> would be around £65:
- 1 halfbody, 2 busts, 1 chibi: £65
- no additional charges for design

Sketch Spread like this -> would be around £75:
- 2 halfbodies, 1 bust, 1 chibi: £75
- no additional charges for design

scene pricing

Lined Scene like this -> would be around £120:
- background elements, lighting, knee up, props: £120

Lined Scene like this -> would be around £150:
- background elements, lighting, fullbody, perspective: £150

Lined Scene like this -> would be around £170:
- background elements, lighting, fullbody, perspective: £135
- +character: £35

click to see full images!




spread page


policy prices contact queue

info / policy

fanart / ocs / peoplensfw
furry / anthromecha
humanoidscomplicated armor
moderate gore (blood)explicit gore
simple animalshateful themes

terms of service

  • I have the right to decline / discuss alternatives to complicated commissions

  • 2 revisions allowed - 1) after initial sketch (major revision possible) 2) after completed commission (only minor revision - bg color / brightness etc). any additional revisions come at a cost

  • all commissions are for personal use only - you can use / post them on social media as icon / header / etc as long as you credit me in your bio, but never sell them for profit / nfts

  • all commissions are under my copyright - I will use them as samples / on social media unless asked not to by the client, to which I have no problem with complying

  • all of my (skootleskittle's) commissions can never be used in blockchain-related technology, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any future inventions in the space

payment + refunds

  • upfront payment via paypal (except scene comms which can be paid in installments)

  • prices in GBP / £

  • I do not accept cryptocurrency / NFTs

  • refunds are not available

process outline

  1. client fills out my commission form

  2. I contact the client to accept / discuss the commission. if I don't respond within 48h, please message me via email / socials

  3. once agreed upon, client pays via paypal

  4. after receiving payment, I will have a sketch done within 1-2 weeks + send it for review (major revisions possible)

  5. commissions will be completed within 2-4 weeks depending on commission style - if client wants it complete by a set time, I will charge extra

  6. after completing, I will ask for any final minor revisions before sending a high quality 300dpi no watermark .png of the commission

  7. the client may only use / post the commission on social media with credit, but never for commercial purposes

  8. unless specified not to, I will also post the commission on my socials with a watermark

prices samples contact queue


if you're interested in commissioning me, feel free to fill out my commission form!I'm looking forward to working with you!⤵⤵⤵

got any questions? contact me at:

policy prices samples queue